Feed Mill



Optimal Aquafeed offers custom diets, manufacturing, and toll milling services at bench scale, pilot scale and commercial scale needs.

Our Innovation Center in Omaha, Nebraska is the home of our feed extrusion lab. This facility can source, mix, grind, extrude, coat, and dry feeds in batch sizes as small as 30 pounds and up to commercial quantities. Ingredients can be ground using a hammermill or a pulverizer and can be extruded into pellets ranging from 800 microns up to 25mm.

Run data, samples, and screw configurations are collected and recorded throughout the entire process.


At the Omaha Feed Mill, we have the capabilities to make almost any type of feed. We have a wide-range of ingredients including novel ingredients. We manufacture our own lines of feeds for Optimal Fish Food and Optimal Aquafeed, as well as provide toll milling services to manufacture finished feeds for academic and commercial needs.

Custom Toll Milling

With a goal to advance ingredients, animal feeds, and aquaculture; we offer toll milling services at the Omaha Feed Mill. We can assist you and manufacturing finished feeds for academic or commercial needs with unique requirements, special applications, or locally-sourced.


Please contact us if you have any questions or interested in learning more about our Custom Manufacturing & Toll Milling services.